About Us

Hawgleg Publishing is a company founded by Michael T. Murphy, Michael S. Mitchell and Paul R. Mauer.  To complicate matters, both of the first fellas answer to the handle "Mike."  The short version of the story is that we're gaming buddies who decided to quit jawin' about how there ain't no good Western game rules out there and publish our own stuff (that's a bald-faced lie, by the way; we love lotsa other games, but none of them were exactly what we wanted, which why we made our own). 

That's why we've hung out our shingle and started this here game company: Hawgleg Publishing.

In 2005 Hawgleg Publishing released their first Wild West miniatures game, Gutshot. It's a very good game, and that ain't just whistling Dixie. Gutshot won the 2006 Origins Award for "Historical Miniatures Game of the Year" (don't take our word for it, pilgrim, check it out over at Wikipedia). Gutshot has been very good to us and it will remain our flagship product.

We'd long been fans of Mike McGraw's Arnica, Montana resin buildings. Truth be told, they were some of the best danged buildings on the market, and both Mikes had purchased their fair share of 'em over the years. Needless to say, we were surprised when, in late 2007, McGraw contacted Hawgleg to discuss the possibility of them buying out the Arnica brand. It seems that the Arnica product line had gotten so popular that McGraw could no longer keep up with the demand by working just weekends. In fact, he said it was taking his entire weekend just to keep his head above water. Since this was a part-time venture on his part, he had no time for gaming or family life. So, after much contemplation, he decided to see if he could sell the business, rather than just shut it down. And, he said, the fine folks at Hawgleg were the first people who crossed his mind who might be interested.

The offer took the Gutshot Posse by surprise. They were big fans of the Arnica line, but both the Mikes only had nominal experience in resin casting. However, after much head scratching and more'n a few beers, they decided this was too good an opportunity to pass. The Arnica buildings were just such a strong fit with Gutshot and the company's future plans, that the Mikes and Paul agreed that they needed to grab this horse by the reins.

In April 2008, the ink was dry and the process of transferring ownership began. It took a little more than a year to transfer the masters, molds, and knowledge necessary for Hawgleg to take over the Arnica operation, but they did it. The Arnica buildings went back into limited production in July 2009, and the Website (complete with a full catalog of buildings) went online shortly after.



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