Shipping Info

Domestic and International shipping will be via USPS and we prefer to use the flat-rate boxes. Please note that we do not ship via UPS, DHL or FedEx (although we may look into these options for the future).

Description USA International
 Very small orders
(1 book or 1-2 small buildings)
$6 $17
Med. orders
(1 - 5 buildings, or 1 building and 1 book)
$14 $45
 Large orders
(lots of buildings or big stuff)
$18 $58
 Huge orders
(lots of buildings or big stuff)
Contact us Contact us

If you would like to calculate your own shipping costs, all orders will ship from Houston, TX 77066.

International Orders: Right now we're guessing about the prices. These are educated guesses, but there are so many variables in international orders that it is very hard for us to publish accurate prices. If you are placing an international order with us, please expect to hear from us so we can discuss different shipping options with you. Our goal is always to ship your product in the safest, most economical manner possible. Additionally, there are a few countries out there that we cannot ship to. In these instances, we will refund your money.

NOTE: You are responsible for paying shipping costs. Right now, our shopping cart is under construction and we're still working out the bugs in our shipping calculator. This means that if we overcharge you for shipping, we will contact you about a refund or adding another item to your order to make up the difference. However, if we under charge you, we will contact you  about making up the difference. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but this is a new system and it will take a while to work out the bugs.



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