Howdy, strangers!

If you're looking for resin terrain by Mike McGraw, you're on the right track. Back in April 2008, McGraw sold his line of Old West buildings to Hawgleg Publishing (the creators of the Origins Award Winning Historical Miniatures Game, Gutshot). You can read the full story here: Hawgleg Publishing acquires Arnica Montana resin buildings.

This sale includes only his Western buildings. It does not include his cool Victorian Science Fiction terrain and Steampunk contraptions. Those items are sold under his new company name, Articulated Rot and Drivel.

As part of the sale, Hawgleg acquired the ownership to the URL, At this time, McGraw has not created a new Web site for his new company. However, all of his old Western work is available from Hawgleg, and a lot of it (such as our bank, sheds, and such) are very usable in a VSF setting. Before you leave, we hope you'll visit our catalog and see if any of these 25mm - 28mm resin buildings are to your liking.

Also, check back on this page (or on the links page on the Arnica Website) in the future. When McGraw does set up a new Website, we will link to it from here.

Thanks again for your interest in Arnica, Montana Real Estate resin buildings and terrain.

Posted by: Mike Mitchell, Mike Murphy & Paul Mauer
Oct. 1, 2009